Note from GC:
German side of the Holocaust issue. Being Polish is extremely difficult since Holocaust took place in occult sick Nazi Germany occupied Christian Poland full of Talmudic Jews.
It is difficult because as a victim of WWII more than any other nation – Poles lost and those who lose do not write history. History is written by those who win.
Who won WWII?
Probably Jews.
They got Israel in Palestine and money to build a nation or a safe-heaven for a  race of people according to others. Poland got Soviet occupation which means that after five years of slaughter by German Nazis, Poles got slaughter by Soviets till sixties last century. Like no other nation during WWII, Poles were mass murdered by:
– Nazi Germans
– Bolshevik Russians,
– Bolshevik Jews,
– Nazi Ukrainians,
– even Nazi Slovaks.
Is Holocaust a hoax?
I don’t care. As a Pole I have a RIGHT NOT TO CARE, if you know history of Europe – you will know that Poles are HOLOCAUST-ED regularly just because of the fact of living in the heart of Europe, a quite desirable piece of real estate between West and East. Just look what happened since 1989 – total robbery by Nazi European Union with German agent – Donald Tusk – planted as prime minister of Poland to add insult to irreparable damage to the country.
Communism in Russia or National Socialism in Germany are both enemies to Poles, foreign and sick to the core systems and people in America who have financed these European village idiots bear responsibility for their acts. Imagine being stuck between communists running on vodka right of you,  socialists running on amphetamine left of you and Jews on Talmud inside of you. It is a circus of interests – total madhouse with Poles trying to make any sense out of it.
Is truth important?
No. Who needs it?
You probably can’t handle the truth. You move to the music that plays today, don’t you? Which paranoia is helping you survive?
Which lies feed your paranoia? Convenience is God. Remember.
If we learned from history anything – we would not be played with Muslims the way we are, wouldn’t we? Shame.
Red libtards win again.