My Block, My Hood, My City, is a local youth advocacy group founded by Jahmal Cole.

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CHICAGO — Singer and songwriter Usher was recently photographed wearing a My Hood, My Block, My City hoodie, the gear that funds the work of a local youth advocacy group that most recently visited Uptown last weekend.

While the group spent Sunday feeding the homeless — an issue that resonates with founder Jahmal Cole — the group usually takes teens from the South and West sides to visit neighborhoods they normally wouldn’t visit.

“My Block My Hood My City and our fellow activists around the World are working to create a positive narrative,” Cole said on Facebook Friday, sharing the Usher snapshot. “A narrative that humanizes the lives lost, produces empathy in otherwise unempathetic audiences, and creates a call to action at an individual level.”

Usher recently released a new song, Chainz, featuring Nas and Bibi Bourelly tackling police brutality.

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