Prosecutors alleged that a shooting inside the lobby of a four-star hotel near McCormick Place was sparked by an argument over a woman.

Courtney Taylor, 25, was shot and killed Jan. 23 inside the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, located at 2233 S. King Drive.

Taylor and his friends had begun to leave a birthday party at the hotel when another man that Taylor did not know approached the group, according to the Chicago Tribune. The man accused Taylor of making a pass at his girlfriend.

Prosecutors claim that the man, identified as 23-year-old Armonte Hooper, and his friends began to fight with Taylor and his group of friends, according to the report. Hooper later pulled out a gun and pointed it at one of Taylor’s friends. Taylor’s friend ran and another person hit him with a glass table top.

As Taylor ran to the aid of his friend, prosecutors allege that Hooper shot Taylor and continued to fire, shooting him five times, according to the report. Witnesses were able to identify Hooper using surveillance video.

A judge Saturday ordered Hooper, who is charged with murder, held with no bail, according to the Tribune.

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