Employees at a North Side lingerie shop stopped a group of suspected thieves after they ransacked part of the store and targeted multiple other businesses.

At about 7:15 p.m. Sunday, a group of approximately six people walked into Taboo Tabou, a boutique located in the 800 block of West Belmont in the city’s Lakeview neighborhood, according to the store’s co-owner Alexis Thomas.

One employee guided the group to the lower level of the store and as one suspect distracted the employee, the others began stuffing items into bags, according to Thomas. As the group began to exit, the workers asked them to return the merchandise, but the suspects pushed passed and exited the store.

After the two workers called police, Thomas and Taboo Tabou’s other co-owner followed the suspects to the nearby Belmont “El” station, according to Thomas. When police arrived, an employee identified three people and they were arrested.

The suspects, Ratero Walker, 19; Aaliyah Foster, 20; Deavin Oliver, 21; were placed into custody and charged with retail theft, according to police.

Thomas, who dubbed the employees as the “sex shop superheroes,” told NBC Chicago that the suspected thieves had targeted at least two other stores before hitting up Taboo Tabou. The suspects had stolen more than $600 worth of merchandise.

Taboo Tabou sells items including lingerie, erotic toys, and boudoir clothing, according to its website.

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Article source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Sex-Shop-Superheroes-Catch-Suspected-Thieves-in-Lakeview-367394221.html