Posted by Zeno (Tx) on 05/29/2016

I am in the midst of renovating. One day, I developed an itch under my neck that drove me crazy for a couple of weeks. It started from my wrist. It was under my jawline. It got crusty and was the most unbearable itch. Thought it might be due to wood sanding dust or strawberries. I applied oil of oregano (used to clear the sinuses) as I did not have any cream on my wrist, arm and neck.I also sprayed nano silver. After many sleepless night of burning and itchiness, I took quercetin and vit C and immune defense. Then it went away. A few weeks later, it came back. I blamed it on the ongoing renovation. This time it was itchy under my neck and in my navel. I again applied the sinu oregano by North American Herb and Spice under my neck and in my navel, tried the nano silver but after a few days, it started swelling and there were some red bumps inside my belly button. Then I thought it must be a food related allergy.

After much tracing of what I have been eating, I feel that the itch was brought about by my taking some psyllium hulls supplement. I stopped it and the itch was not so unbearable. My neck itch is gone but my navel is red and hot and bumpy and raw. The only thing that soothes it now is jojoba oil. What can I do naturally to get it to heal properly? I took an oil of oregano pill today and it feels better but I want to make sure it doesn’t get infected. I thought of topically applying honey, coconut oil, olive oil but didn’t want to aggravate it more.

Please help, it is driving me crazy and burns so I need something soothing. Thank you. I am desperate.

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