Delightful Pastries is selling paczki at its three locations in the city.

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CHICAGO — Some cities celebrate Fat Tuesday by throwing wild, booze-soaked parties. In Chicago, we just eat a lot of paczkis.

The Polish pastries — sometimes translated as “doughnut” and always interpreted as “delicious” — are essentially fried dough filled with flavored cream and topped with powered sugar, though there are certainly creative variations on the pastry depending on where you buy them.

With Paczki Day around the corner, we wanted to make sure you knew where they can be found on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Packzi Day, like Fat Tuesday, is a Christian tradition where worshippers share in a night of revelry or pastry eating before beginning the Lenten season of fasting and discipline.

Dozens of bakeries citywide are selling the treats. Many of city’s trendy, upscale doughnut shops have also gotten into the game as well.

Classic flavors like strawberry, blueberry and custard are found throughout the city, but some bakeries have gotten quite inventive with flavors, including “toast n jam” at Lincoln Square’s Maker Miller. Delightful Pastries will offer booze-infused paczkis at its three city locations, and is even offering a paczki-making class.

Check out the map below to find paczki near you. Many bakeries suggest calling ahead to make sure you have your pick of toppings or to even place an order ahead of time, but all of these shops said they’ll have paczki for sale through Fat Tuesday.

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