A tennis match between DePaul University and Michigan State University was postponed Saturday, after the Spartan’s tennis equipment was stolen from their van.

The van was parked in the 1300 block of west Altgeld, according to Chicago police. At about 12:45 p.m., someone broke into the van and took the team’s equipment, including the tennis rackets.

The team had arrived to Lake Shore Sport and Fitness at 11 a.m., according to MSU Coach Simone Jardim. The match wasn’t until 2 p.m., so the team went to have lunch about two blocks away.

“When we came back, the student athletes found that the van had been broken into and all of their stuff and our stuff was gone,” said Jardim.

The women didn’t have anything to compete with, said Jardim. Shoes, uniforms, as well as personal objects and electronics were stolen. The coach estimated more than $6,000 worth of equipment and items were taken.

“You talk about backpacks, computers, iPads and all that kind of technology so you’re talking about items that are very valuable,” said Jardim.

One photo showed a damaged lock on the driver’s side door of the van.

Damaged lock on the driver’s side door of the team’s van.
Photo credit: MSU Women’s Tennis Team

“I don’t think we were even in a mental state to compete in, so we had to cancel the match and drive back home,” said Jardim.

Many of the items that were stolen are unique to the team, including the tennis rackets which feature a Spartan logo.

As of Saturday night, police had not made any arrests.

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