“Dressing Downton” at the Driehaus Museum

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RIVER NORTH — The top PBS drama of all time is already the most popular exhibit ever at the ritzy Driehaus Museum in River North. 

“Dressing Downton,” a collection of 36 costumes from “Downton Abbey,” will open Feb. 9 at the Driehaus, a three-floor 19th Century mansion at 40 E. Erie St. 

Like the show, the exhibit follows an aristocratic English family from the year the Titanic sank to the Jazz Age in the ’20s. The entire time the exhibit offers a glimpse at another era of high society both for those living and pretending in it.

“People are always curious about how the other half lives,” said Lindsay Silk-Kremenak, marketing manager for the Driehaus. 

The touring exhibit fits nicely at the Driehaus, whose furnishings also evoke an air of luxury from long ago. Silk-Kremenak said the museum’s membership more than doubled since the Driehaus announced the exhibit’s arrival last year, and more than 100 members turned out Thursday night for the “Downton” debut. 

The costumes, all delivered straight from the show, range from elegant dresses and sharp tuxedoes to hunting gear and smocks worn by nurses and other servants. And through May 8 they’ll make up nearly the entirety of the museum’s public collection. Downton Abbey, now in its sixth season, airs Sunday nights on PBS with the series finale airing March 6. 

Admission is $25 per adult, $17.50 for seniors, and $15 for students and youth. Admission comes with complimentary tea in The Murphy auditorium next door.  

Until Tuesday, here are some of the highlights of the exhibit:

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