Flint, Michigan will soon receive a big delivery as residents continue to struggle with lead-tainted water.

On Saturday, Chicago residents filled three semi-trucks with water at Hyde Park Career Academy on the city’s South Side.

Donations spilled in from companies, churches, fraternities and sororities, other students and teachers.

“We never imagined this in our wildest dreams but it just goes to show what people can do when we put our hands and our heads together,” said Alderman Leslie Hairston.

Volunteers started at 8 a.m. unloading donations and reloading them into trucks. The first to lend a hand was Chicago firefighter Eric Washington.

Two weeks ago, Washington set a goal to deliver just one U-Haul to Flint.

“I cried earlier,” said Washington, who explained that he was shocked by the support.

Two extra semis had to be brought to the fundraiser because of the overwhelming amount of water donations, according to Washington. He estimated that approximately 4,000 cases of water were sent to residents in Flint.

“It just shows us, when people need help, Chicago’s willing to step up and help,” said Washington.

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Article source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Chicagoans-Help-Fill-3-Semis-With-Water-for-Flint-Michigan-367109041.html